When answering questions, it is sometimes important to consider not only binary facts (such as “What is the population of the world?”), but also additional context about them (i.e., “What is the pupulation of the world—in 1800?”, “what is the population of the world—according to UN?”, or even “what is the population of the world—in 1800,according to UN?”).

Knowledge grpahs allow to represent data in a graph structure that connects ant interrelated heterogeneous data. Semantic Web technologies provide semantics to knowledge graphs, making it possible to reason with the data. These technologies are then a powerful tool for Query Answering, allowing to use knowledge that is not explicitly written in the knowledge graph. However, only binary facts can be natively represented (and reasoned with) in the Semantic Web, which make it difficult to deal with contextual information.

In order to benefit from this reasoning capabilities, it is necessary to find theoretical models that allow to represent contextual information about statements without losing the original sematincs of the facts. Then, find a way to efficiently manage the connection between the facts and their contextual information.



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