Question Answering (QA) over Knowledge-Bases (KBs) is a very interesting research topic. A KB is a collection of facts. For example, DBpedia is a KB containing facts collected from Wikipedia like the birth date of persons, capitals of countries, museums in cities and many more. These facts are stored in machine readable formats and they can be retrieved using queries over databases. The information contained in such KBs can be very interesting for end-users, but we cannot require from them to write a formal query over a database (e.g. in SPARQL). This is where Question Answering over KBs comes into play, i.e. to automatically transform a natural language question like “Who is the mayor of Paris?” to a formal query that can be executed over a KB.

My research follows two directions. First, to create a framework, called Qanary, that allows to reuse and combine technologies that are already used in QA systems. This is done in collaboration with Andreas Both (Supervisor, Datev eG) and Kuldeep Singh (ESR 8, FRAUENHOFER). Second, considering the lessons learned from previous QA approaches, we are building a novel question answering system using new technologies. Currently it is enabled to query DBpedia, Wikidata, MusicBrainz (open music encyclopedia) and DBLP (computer science bibliography) using natural language questions and keywords. Moreover, it is possible to query Wikidata using English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Visit it under



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Internship Students

(09/16-12/16) Shanzay Amjad : Designing a front-end for QA systems

(05/17-07/17) Youssef Dridi : Generating a user understandable representation of a SPARQL query

(05/17-07/17) Shanzay Amjad : Transform an industrial dataset in RDF to make QA on it

(01/18-07/18) Pierre Tardiveau : User interfaces for Question Answering Systems

(04/18-07/18) Pedro Migliatti : Making datasets fit for Question Answering

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