University of Southampton

SOTONThe University of Southampton, one of the most prestigious universities in the UK, is truly international, drawing students from over 100 different countries and benefiting from a wide and varied culture. It is ranked in the top ten of research-led universities in the UK, and participates in a high number of collaborative scientific and industry-oriented projects. The academic unit of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) has a world-leading role in developments in the areas of Web Science, Semantic Web, Open Data, and Linked Data including a Web Science Doctoral Training Centre and the prestigious Web and Internet Science (WAIS) research group, which will be directly involved in the project. WAIS members have helped to form the Web as it is today and are helping to evolve and enhance its technologies, and our understanding of it as an organic, human-driven thing. In WDAqua, SOTON will build upon this expertise to work on a selection of topics related to the representation, management and use of structured data sources, in particular Linked Data, for question-answering purposes. This includes models and methods to capture and leverage provenance information, methods for assessing and improving the quality of Web data, and applications of social computing and crowdsourcing to lead to informative and unbiased visualisations.