Open Data Institute

ODIThe Open Data Institute (ODI) is a non-profit organisation established in 2012 and supported through a combination of grants, commercial revenue and philanthropic investment. The ODI catalyses the evolution of an open data culture in industry, government and the public sector, through research, training, policy, startup incubation, and strategic engagements with commercial partners. Drawing on a core team of 22 employees based in London, the ODI has built an international network of 20 ‘nodes’ worldwide, that collectively contribute to building open data culture. Our research is based on an interdisciplinary approach that examines the economic, social, and environmental impact of open data, in addition to fundamental research into the technical applications, methodologies, algorithms, and infrastructures required to support the exploitation of open data deployed on the web at massive scale. We regularly collaborate with our industry partners on joint research projects related to open data, seeking to maximise commercial benefits through contributions to the broader open data ecosystem.