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PDF (poster)

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System demo

WDAqua-core0 is a first implementation of a fully working QA system. You can try it out at www.wdaqua.eu/qa.


Qanary is a methodology that allows to construct and share resources to build QA systems. It is the reference architecture for the WDAqua project. More information on Github.

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D1.5 Progress Report WP1 Report Confidential M13
D1.6 Draft periodic report WP1 Report Confidential M24
D1.7 Mid-term Review Meeting WP1 Other Confidential M26
D1.8 Final periodic report WP1 Report Confidential M48
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D2.2 Career development plans for all ESRs WP2 Report Confidential M12
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D7.4 Report on exploitation potential WP7 Report Confidential M47