Number Title WP Type Dissemination Level Due Date
D1.1 Supervisory Board of the Network WP1 Report Public M2
D1.2 Internal forum and source repositories WP1 Other Confidential M6
D1.3 Ethics: delivery of documents and ethical report WP1 Report Confidential M6
D1.4 Report on recruitment completion WP1 Report Public M8
D1.5 Progress Report WP1 Report Confidential M13
D1.6 Draft periodic report WP1 Report Confidential M24
D1.7 Mid-term Review Meeting WP1 Other Confidential M26
D1.8 Final periodic report WP1 Report Confidential M48
D2.1 Training curriculum WP2 Report Public M3
D2.2 Career development plans for all ESRs WP2 Report Confidential M12
D2.3 Award of doctoral degrees WP2 Report Public M45
D3.1 Public web portal WP3 Websites, patents filling, etc. Public M4
D3.2 EDF workshop presentations WP3 Report Public M37
D4.1 OpenQA specification and reference implementation WP4 Report Public M16
D4.2 OpenQA core platform prefinal WP4 Report Public M35
D5.1 Final field evaluation reports WP5 Report Public M40
D6.1 Web/data science state of the art survey WP6 Report Public M9
D6.2 Results transferability report WP6 Report Public M40
D7.1 OpenQA reference implementation documentation WP7 Report Public M16
D7.2 OpenQA demonstrator WP7 Demonstrator Public M39
D7.3 Report on licensing/pricing model WP7 Report Public M46
D7.4 Report on exploitation potential WP7 Report Confidential M47