AntidotInformation is the key to any organization’s performance – the key to learning about its customers, its partners, its markets, and even itself.

Our Mission

Globalization, regulatory developments, the omnipresent Internet: as the pace of change accelerates on all sides, companies must transform themselves in order to survive, expand, and conquer new territory. They must react quickly and continually adapt to new conditions.
Internally, operating decisions must be made at every level for greater efficiency. Each employee can play an effective role in implementing strategy if he or she has the necessary information for the task at hand.

Beyond the company walls, each business must also forge a better dialogue with its ecosystem, by providing the information its partners need– including consumers, as they constantly seek out more information about the brands and products they consume.

More than ever, data lies at the heart of business performance. Data is a company’s most vital asset. So it needs to be placed at the centre of a process in which it is valued, mined, shared and disseminated.

Our mission is to design innovative and highly configurable software solutions that we provide to our customers, to help them make the most of their data and enhance their operating efficiency.

Our responsibility is to offer the support you need to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from our technology.

Fabrice LacroixEach of us can be an informed participant in transforming and improving our environment, provided we have access to accurate, appropriate information. Rather than inundate users with a mound of data, we must provide them with the pertinent information they need, when they need it, so that armed with new understanding, they can make decisions and take action.”

Fabrice Lacroix, Antidot CEO

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